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Welcome to my official site!

Welcome to! Members only. Membership gets you access to:

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As well as changed my model name.


Find me at




Feel free to contact me on Twitter @xxxmaren or by email at if you have any questions!


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Selfies 2


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Latest Blog Posts


Posted: September, 25, 2016


I've moved to a new site, as well as changed my model name.

My new member site is 


Why the name change?

 A lot of reasons I'm not Dabby anymore. Mostly because it confused some people. Not everyone knows what dabs are. Not even all stoners. A lot of people  associate it with that dumb dance move. People would misread it as "Debbie" or "Daddy". When I was in Vegas last January meeting fans for the first time, I told someone my name and their response was "Well, that's a mouth full". My ex boyfriend came up with it. People have noticed a similarity between my name and Gabby Lala, a musician. I had never heard of her, but I think my ex had. So that was an accident. Plus I hate this particular ex of mine now, so that too. It was stoner related, I've gotten to the point where I'm not super proud of my pot addiction anymore. And it was a weird, silly name. I kept thinking people might not click on my room because I didn't have a normal name. I wanted to change it for a loooonnng time before I actually did. I realize it is weird to make it under one name and then change it. I do hate the confusion. But I plan on staying in this industry longer than I've already been in it. I started as a teen and I've changed so much since then. There's a lot I want to disassociate from. And now I feel like I can move more in the direction I want to.

Why move the entire site?

My new site, powered by AdultMemberSites has many features that ModelCentro doesn't offer. Video downloads are a big one. 

ModelCentro does not allow me to price each video. I either have to option to allow members to download it or not. I don't allow video downloads with my membership because with how MC is set up; someone could buy a 1 day trial, download everything, cancel their membership, call their bank saying they didn't make the purchase, and then I'm left robbed. Not the best system, and there's really no other way to set it up to avoid that possibility. Now, MC has mentioned adding better video download features, but they've been talking about it for a year and I still don't see the features I need. They even said they would be ready by June 2016, but June 2016 passed and they never gave a new ETA. Support got kinda cocky with me when I asked for the new ETA. 

AdultMemberSite already has everything I want. Videos are priced to be downloaded by nonmembers. Membership gives you access to unlimited streaming, much like here. Video downloads are automatically discounted depending on which membership option you choose. Weekly membership comes with a 0% discount on downloads. Monthly membership gives you a 50% discount on downloads. Yearly membership comes with FREE UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS. How rad is that? 

I'm still getting all my videos uploaded to my new site, but they should all be on there by the end of October, then I will upload my new videos there as soon as they are ready instead of scheduling one to release every week. It might make sense to keep your membership here until I get everything up over there. 

I will leave up, but I won't be updating it anymore. If you want to stay over here, you're more than welcome. Just know that new videos are being posted to and not here. Thank you for enjoying my videos and for your support!

Chicago Exxxotica July 8 - 10

Posted: June, 16, 2016

49652-Chicago Exxxotica July 8 - 10-Maren

22nd Birthday / 4 Year Cammiversary

Posted: June, 01, 2016

My 22nd birthday is June 28. And July 7 marks my 4 year anniversary of becoming a cam girl!

I'm gonna celebrate all in one celebration on July 1 and 2 on MyFreeCams!


Help me celebrate by clearing my wish list! I'm going to open all presents on cam.


If we empty the list, it will be a 12 HOUR CAMSHOW CELEBRATION!

I'll save any gift cards sent to until my birthday and use them to help finish it off. Please and thank you! I can't wait for the fun!



48806-22nd Birthday / 4 Year Cammiversary-Maren
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